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PAINT UPDATE - JULY 2021. Please be aware the paint material tables are being updated on 28th July.


Following our update in June regarding Paint Manufacturer price changes, Audatex can confirm that we will be updating the paint material tables effective Wednesday 28th July 2021 for our online users.

For our offline users the update will be applied as part of our D4.69 data release.

The impact of the detailed data supplied by the paint manufacturers is an indicative average increase of 4.9% on the calculated paint and materials.

These calculations are based upon updated paint material tables represented by the basket of paint brands used in our system.

Please note that this is an indicative percentage for guidance purposes only, as the actual increase per job, will depend on a number of factors including the specific paint operations (e.g. new part, surface, repair), paint type, and the surface to be prepared/painted (e.g. metal vs. plastic).

For further information on regarding this update, please contact your Audatex Account Manager or contact the Audatex Service Desk.


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