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An end-to-end solution for exchanging services between Insurers and CHOs

CHOX is a web platform for exchanging services between CHOs (Credit Hire Organisations) and insurers.

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CHOX works alongside insurers’ existing processes, providing automatic validation of claims against pre-defined parameters. Delivering faster processing overall. It contains a comprehensive and flexible business rules engine that manages validation, exception handling, workflow routing and straight through processing of credit hire and repair claims. Both Insurers and CHOs can pre-define rules and tolerances based on commercial agreements and business relationships.

Benefits at a glance

  • Comprehensive, industry-specific management information dashboards that show current position and trends across all claim types.
  • Built-in, industry-standard fraud checking.
  • Deployment of advanced data science that enhances the current business rules engine to analyse savings or potential savings.
  • Reduces costs due to increased process efficiency.
  • Claim disputes dealt with more effectively and efficiently.
  • Supports pro-active claim management that results in reduced claimed and settled amount.
  • Elimination of late payment charges and legal fees.
  • Removes repetitive claims handling activity.
  • Consolidates management reports and makes them available in real-time and on-demand.
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Review and manage claims while supporting dispute resolution.

Disputes can cause delays and most are the result of unclear and insufficient information between all parties involved. CHOX maintains a single source of the truth, a central undisputed record of transactions that addresses the need for data certainty. Settle claims quicker and reduce frictional costs.


AudaCHOX features

Notification of credit hire claim details

FNOL and liability acceptance management

Pro-active management of liability disputes, indemnity, checking claim data accuracy and protocols.

Supports the creation of exception reports to support dispute resolution.

Complete end-to-end workflow management.

Automated validation of credit hire and/or repair claims to enable straight-through-processing.

Claims processing is monitored with the support of valuable management information and this includes real-time performance monitoring, supplier relationship and protocol management.

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