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Management information for estimation and repair

Audadashboard is a powerful management tool that provides visibility of key performance indicators (KPIs) crucial to your business potential.

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Accurate estimating is the profit engine of bodyshop operations. Ensuring accurate estimates takes insight and optimised processes. The metrics in Audadashboard are authentic and meaningful, derived from feedback gleaned from customers at our workshops. Access to the service is available through secure login so all information remains safe with you. Data comes directly from Audaenterprisegold and complements that which is in your bodyshop management system. Together, these two provide all the information need to continually improve operational efficiency and performance. Furthermore, historical and detailed data is available through our Audastats service.


Protecting bodyshop profits through direct and relevant business insight.

Audadashboard gives you choice by providing a selection of dashboards and metrics. All data shown is on a rolling 28-day period, which is updated daily to ensure consistency throughout the day. There are 15 different metrics (see below), which can be combined to deliver a more informed view of business performance overall. For example, profiling estimate accuracy along with average transmissions per claim will deliver more powerful insight than exploring only one of those metrics on its own.

Benefits at a glance

  • Real-time information derived directly from Audaenterprisegold.
  • You can select data by insurer, by bodyshop site or by estimator.
  • An Overview tab shows KPIs for all sites.
  • Insurer metrics shows insurer KPIs for a selected individual site.
  • Estimator metric shows estimator KPIs for a selected individual site.
  • An overview of the kind of data supported:
    • Authorisations that are currently outstanding.
    • Estimate accuracy overall.
    • Average number of transmissions and images per claim.
    • Labour v Parts ratios.
    • Labour v Paint ratios.
  • Presented in an easy-to-read format.
  • The Estimate Accuracy dashboard charts data relating to the average total cost of a claim at ‘First Transmission’, ‘First Authorisation’ and ‘Last Authorisation’.
  • Part v Labour v Paint – this dashboard charts data relating to average repair spends for Parts, Labour, Paint and other.
  • Average Transmission Per Claim – this dashboard charts data relating to the average number of transmissions from your company to an insurer in relationship to a claim.
  • Average Images Transmitted per Claim – this dashboard charts data relating to the average number of images per claim and when images have been transmitted.
  • Featured metrics: Average Parts Costs, Average Labour Costs, Average Paint Costs, Average Other Costs, Ratio Parts to Labour, Total Labour Hours, Total Loss Labour Hours, Total Number of Claims (not authorised), Total Number of Authorised Claims, Total Number of Total Loss Claims, Average Cost First Transmitted, Average Cost First Authorised, Average Transmission per Claim, Average Images Transmitted per Claim.
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AudaDashboard features

Protecting profits

Protecting profits by monitoring estimator accuracy and performance.

Identify skill gaps

Giving you the information you need to identify skills gaps and training needs.

Real-time information

Staying abreast of business performance with real-time information.

Improve operational efficiency

Be more efficient by improving your day to day operations.

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