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News>>Solera releases Guided Image Capture, engineered to revolutionize AI-based repair
February 17, 2021

Solera releases Guided Image Capture, engineered to revolutionize AI-based repair

Solera releases Guided Image Capture, engineered to revolutionize AI-based repair

The latest Qapter® Intelligent Self-Service Computer Vision Module Poised to Redefine Claims Processing

February 17, 2021 – Westlake, Texas: Solera Holdings, Inc, a global leader in risk and asset management data and software solutions for insurance and automotive industries, today launched Guided Image Capture (GIC), a customizable Qapter® module part of Solera’s industry leading end-to-end Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered claims platform.

GIC provides a simple and intuitive way for an automotive insurance policy holder to confidently capture images of a damaged vehicle, through an easy-to-use web-based app. Solera’s successful pilot programs have shown the intelligent guidance ensures the right images are captured first time, significantly improving the accuracy of AI damage detection, repair triage and routing.

“Consumers are demanding digital first solutions to manage their claims that also improve the speed and precision of repair. Guided Image Capture combined with our unique Repair Science™ delivers an accurate and precise identification of vehicle damage. This is a crucial first step that empowers the consumer and initiates an advanced AI driven claims workflow.” Said Evan Davies, Chief Technology Officer, Solera.

Simple, intuitive technology; the first step on an all-digital claims journey

The claims journey begins with Solera’s innovative technology that generates a ‘vehicle mask’ of the exact vehicle (based on an automatic look up of the VIN) or body shape. The technology is cloud-hosted and secured by a PIN or deep link, providing agility, quick access, and security. Combined with photo-taking guidance, this approach ensures the AI detects damages with the highest accuracy. Once all images are captured and organized, they are made available within seconds via API to both insurer and body repair centre for easy coordination and faster rollout times.

Many Solera customers are already seeing rapid adoption of the technology, with response rates to driver image capture requests of more than 85% and nearly 1 million new digital images uploaded by customers over the past 12 months.

For more information about Solera’s Guided Image Capture and how to sign up, visit