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Training Certification

Staff training is essential for any business and no more so than in the motor repair and claims industry where its cost can be justified in better productivity returns.

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Solera University
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Technology is changing at a faster pace than ever before

At Audatex we continue to invest in our solutions to ensure we are always providing solutions that support your everyday needs in the bodyshop. That is why we offer systems-based training courses that help our customers make the most of Audatex technology, and skills-based programmes that teach best practice in repair assessment.

Current courses


Ideal for new users of AudaEnterpriseGold and those who require a refresher on the solution.

Audatex Training Certification Course

For those who have completed the AudaEnterpriseGold training and require Audatex Certification to be used as proof of competency in the use of AudaEnterpriseGold, as part of the BS10125 audit process.

Audatex ONLINE Training Certification Course

Our training team have developed an ONLINE version of the Audatex Certification Course.

Audatex Training Credits

Audatex operates a scheme for bodyshop customers whereby 22.5 training credits are allocated each month to individual bodyshop sites.

Each of our Bodyshop customers* receives 22.5 training credits every month, with a monetary value of £22.5 to each Bodyshop site, per month. These training credits can be redeemed in full or in part against any training course available from Audatex, including our annual estimator certification programmes.

To ensure that you maximise the value from your accrued training credits, we’d encourage you, if you have not yet redeemed your credits, to plan and book your preferred Audatex training course.

The allocation of 22.5 training credits per month is ongoing, with a maximum of 270 credits accumulated over 12 months. We strongly recommend therefore that you review your training fund and decide how to invest your accumulated credits. If you are in any doubt, a member of our sales and training team will be pleased to assist you.

*Available to contract customers only. Training credits are not applicable to PAYG customers