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Smarter decision-making ensuring delivery of safer repairs

RPM (Risk Profile Manager) enhances the repair authorisation process, offers estimate decision support, helps insurers combat fraud and approve safer repairs.

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RPM provides another level of assurance to ensure vehicles are repaired using the correct methods and returned to the road in a safe condition. Designed to complement AudaAudit, RPM helps route assessments correctly and streamline the authorisation process.


Complete clarity on the correct repair method.

Deliver a safe and compliant repair for any vehicle with a solution that is fully integrated with industry-leading and accredited repair information databases from manufacturers and industry bodies such as Thatcham Research. Highly configurable, RPM uses a scoring engine, controlled by parameters set by the insurer, to generate a points total when an assessment is completed. At this stage, the assessment is either automatically authorised or a request to review the assessment is sent by RPM to an engineer. Insurers can easily customise and apply their own rules and parameters based on what they need to see in assessments.


Ensuring a safe repair

Through a friendly user interface, rules can easily be applied via RPM to flag certain safety elements. If damage is detected that affects any safety elements within the vehicle, the rules within RPM will flag it up to ensure the correct repair method has been stated. This also applies where a repairer has not added certain parts to an assessment or have missed off some vital repair operation. An example of this is: if the steering component should be repaired, RPM will ensure that the repairer has included replacement of the steering rack. Without this, it would be classed as an unsafe repair. The same would be true of any damage to ADAS equipment. RPM also enables you to periodically check and assess rules, to find out which ones are having an effect and making an impact, for example, and which ones need to be changed or amended.

Benefits at a glance

  • Designed to ensure vehicles are repaired safely.
  • Developed to speed up the authorisation process.
  • It increases the level of auto-authorisation while minimising leakage.
  • It improves workflow and productivity.
  • Ability to run different rules against certain makes/models, schemes, work providers or areas of the country.
  • You can feel safe in the knowledge that stringent health & safety and manufacturing standards around vehicle repair are being adhered to.
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RPM features

Manage capacity

Rules can be tweaked in real time and tested in order to help you manage capacity.

Pass/Fail rules

Can set certain elements to always pass or always fail, e.g.: ‘Always pass’ if the cost of repair is under £150, or ‘Always fail’ if there is a carbon fibre repair (you will always want an engineer to check this regardless of cost or points total).

Automatic authorisation

The points scoring engine can support automatic authorisation of repairs that fall within acceptable parameters.

Test environment

Gives you the ability to test new rules and settings before making them live.

Totally customisable and configurable

Rules can be set, tested and swapped as required.

Real-time evaluation

Allows for real-time evaluation of new settings to determine how any changes will impact the ‘review’/fast-track’ decision.

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