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Driving efficiency, accuracy and visibility through the claims process

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Quantex is Audatex’s multi-award-winning, solution for the settlement of subrogated recoveries for insurers. The data within Quantex is sourced from Audaenterprisegold, our market-leading repair estimating tool, plus other channels such as cap hpi and CHOX.

Seamlessly matching claims and liability

The Quantex Claim and Liability Matching function drives one of three outcomes based on the claim data presented at upload and through the claim lifecycle. The portal continues to monitor the status of the claim, ensuring the correct outcome based on real-time data. Using the Quantex recoveries portal, you can expect to see >65% of claims automatically accepted. Automated and smart workflows allow ownership and visibility of claims and allows key teams to have access to the system at relevant touchpoints.

Benefits at a glance

  • Reduces manual intervention and removes unnecessary interactions.
  • Improves accuracy and efficiency.
  • Minimises errors.
  • Improves operational efficiencies, through fewer touch points
  • Shortens the claim lifecycle.
  • Increases customer satisfaction by enabling you to deliver better service to policyholders.

Through Quantex subrogated costs can be managed and recovered intelligently with less touch points. Either through integration with the user’s claim system or via data uploads, Quantex validates the claim against key data points, such as incident date, VRN (vehicle registration number) and liability stance. It provides automatic submission and notification of non-fault claims to another insurer, retaining fault claims within the portal until a matching claim is received.

Quantex features

Interactive dashboards

Dashboards that are intuitive and easy to use.


Priority-based workflow so that important tasks are handled first.

Flexible configuration

The system allows insurer to insurer configuration to handle any claim type. It also maintains agreed working practices while minimising data exchange between insurers.

Fraud Screening

Fraud screening of claims against extensive data set with a low ‘false positive’ rate.

Arbitration service

Third-party arbitration service and associated workflow for claim dispute and settlement resolution.

Management Info

Real-time, detailed management information to aid better decision-making.

Invoice netting

To enable batch processing of multiple invoices on a single payment, plus automated invoice validation via a customisable, dynamic business rules engine.

Intuitive claim matching

Allows automatic acceptance of liability and indemnity between insurers.


Artificial intelligence based liability assessment for accurate assessment and to assist dispute resolution.


It contains a configurable diary with update functionality that helps to drive best use of FTE on every claim and at every touchpoint.

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