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Designed to streamline the otherwise labour intensive and time-consuming processing and payment of invoices, Audainvoice is used by both Insurers and Repairers.

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AudaInvoice delivers cost savings and faster payments by enabling repairers to electronically submit requests for payment to work providers. It’s a rules-based system seamlessly integrated with Audaenterprisegold, our market-leading estimating platform. Users of Audainvoice can track the progress and status of payments and this provides greater visibility for all parties involved in the settlement process.

Invoice processing in as few steps as possible

Audainvoice provides a ‘Request for Payment’ facility, based on the final authorised assessment generated through Audaenterprisegold. The simple click of a button triggers a seamless electronic process which, provided it conforms with the authorised assessment, enables the invoice to the processed quickly.

Benefits at a glance

  • Greatly improves repairer cashflow, ensures compliance and enables faster payment.
  • Concludes the claim in the most efficient manner.
  • Reduces administration for both Insurers and Repairers.
  • Offers complete transparency of the claims settlement process.
  • Helps to increase the throughput of claims settlement.
  • Reduces errors associated with manual handling.
  • Includes built-in exception management and rules-based filtering of invoices.
  • Provides efficiency for all parties involved in the payment process.
  • Removes the need for time-consuming and costly paper, telephone and email communication.
  • Allows the inclusion of supporting information where necessary, such as images and document files.

AudaInvoice features

Streamlined invoice processing.

Process invoices quickly and easily.

Improved control.

Search for payments, view payment histories and track the progress of payments.

User friendly

User-friendly summary screens provide overviews of all costs associated with a claim.

Image & Document Support

Allows image and document files to be attached to specific assessments.

Automated invoice support

Automatically seeds invoice data from the authorised claim so the Bodyshop receives a fully validated invoice, ready for payment.

Multiple formats

Available as a stand-alone, web-based application or as a fully integrated solution that interfaces directly with Insurers’ own back office finance systems via AudaBridge.

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