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Audaenterprisegold 4.3

The next generation of Audaenterprisegold (AEG) 4.3 is here, our latest updates include:

  • New Universal Graphics
  • New data Fields for added MI
  • Enhanced security permissions and compliance
  • Latest vehcile data and manufacturer model updates added

Summers Motors

Streamlining estimating processes with Audatex.

Master Cars

Saving valuable time on every job with Audatex.

Benefits at a glance

  • Right first time estimating via accurate repair identification, cost calculation and repair tips.
  • Improved workflow and increased productivity from unlimited, multi-user access.
  • Easy to use and navigate user interface with the latest 3D graphics.
  • Increased repair method and cost accuracy.
  • Faster authorisation.
  • Faster total loss identification using cap hpi valuation data.
  • Enhanced stakeholder communication.
  • Elevated customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Safe automotive repair methodology through Thatcham integrated methods and Manufacturer repair tips.
  • Reduced repair cycles and optimised key-to-key time.
  • Controlled costs through improved parts management.

Improved cost calculation

Technological advancements across the industry mean repair costs and methods are changing at an unprecedented pace. To reflect this and ensure you always get the latest repair information, parts and labour pricing information, we’ve strengthened the cost calculation feature within AudaEnterpriseGold. Our heritage, and the fact that we work with all major vehicle manufacturers, means that regional parts pricing is always up-to-date and accurate.

Accuracy Matters

cap hpi valuations are now included as standard within Audaenterprisegold as a key feature, giving access to the most accurate vehicle valuation data on the market to support and improve the total loss identification process.

AudaEnterpriseGold features

ABI compliance

Salvage codes are available to ensure compliance to the latest salvage category changes.

Streamlined communication

Streamlined communication for faster authorisation.

Improved cost calculation

Improved cost calculation to deliver the latest parts and labour pricing information.

Manufacturer repair tips

AudaEnterpriseGold includes repair tips straight from the manufacturers, thus supporting correct repair methods and safer vehicle repairs.

Parts/Work composition

Save time and create better right first time estimates with enhanced parts management.

cap valuation

Audaenterprisegold enables you to retrieve a transaction vehicle valuation from cap hpi at the click of a button.

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