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News>>A day in the life of Kyle Julian, Apprentice Software Developer at Audatex
February 2, 2018

A day in the life of Kyle Julian, Apprentice Software Developer at Audatex

Hi, my name is Kyle and I’m a Software Developer apprentice at Audatex.

Since I joined Audatex, my days start with a team catch up, to gauge where we are and where we want to be by the end of the day. The meeting also helps us to take time to reflect on what we could do better. My daily tasks can vary from testing code written by my colleagues to developing and fixing the features within of our products. I also help the team to analyse the possibilities of concepts for new ideas.

The wealth of knowledge amongst the programmers at Audatex is vast, so being able to work closely with senior developers has been extremely helpful in bettering my understanding of the job role at hand and developing on my skill set. Since I started, my programming skills have skyrocketed, alongside this I have developed my professionalism and attitude towards work. I have also enhanced my organisational and communication skills further by ensuring I complete coursework on time, listen to others and use my time effectively.

My favourite thing about working at Audatex is the people, as someone with no previous professional experience in software development, the friendly and helpful members of the team have taught me what it takes to be successful. I have sometimes struggled with my confidence, and learning that mistakes and asking for help from other developers is, infact a positive. On reflection, I could have resolved issues much quicker by just asking for help straight away.

Audatex has not only provided an excellent footing for my career, but also given me the opportunity to work on ‘real life’ projects with a team, doing both development and testing in a workplace environment. In five years’ time I want to of achieved my degree equivalent from the apprenticeship, and continuing to work at Audatex with more experience and knowledge to really thrive in the role.

In summary, I would describe my apprenticeship as challenging, captivating and fun. I would recommend this scheme to anyone wanting a career in software development. Being able to get stuck into live projects, work with senior developers and testers to become responsible for the code you write and the tasks you undertake will give you a great start in your career.