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News>>Audaenterprisegold 4.0 feature overview – cap Valuation
February 22, 2018

Audaenterprisegold 4.0 feature overview – cap Valuation

The fourth in our series of Audaenterprisegold new feature blogs focuses on cap Valuation.

cap Valuation is a new premium tool for repairers available within the Valuations page of Audaenterprisegold, using the feature gives an instant pre-accident valuation of the vehicle, provided by the market-leading vehicle data provider, cap hpi.

Once you’ve entered a pre-accident valuation and begun the damage assessment within AudaGraphics, a traffic light warning system will be displayed at the bottom of your screen. This provides a dynamic real-time visual representation of the current repair cost vs the vehicle value

When the repair cost is less than 59% of the vehicle value the bar will be green, 60-84% yellow and 85%+ red. This can save you valuable time by quickly identifying potential total losses much earlier in the repair process and ultimately improving your customer service.

Using the cap Valuation feature can be achieved in three quick and easy steps:

The Valuation page To begin on the Valuations page you must enter the vehicle registration, date of accident and vehicle mileage. Then select the cap hpi button to receive a cap valuation figure.
cap valuation figure You will then receive the cap valuation figure and this will be marked as ‘cap value’.
Traffic light warning Once in AudaGraphics you will then see a traffic light warning system across the bottom of your screen. When the repair cost is approaching the vehicle’s value, the colour of the bar will change accordingly.

What are our customers saying?

The updated Audatex AEG 4.0 platform has some great new features and you can tell that these have been well thought out. We are very satisfied with the update and it will benefit our VDA’s going forward, helping them to create a more accurate repairable assessment.

The sliding scale when adding a vehicle valuation really helps with possible total loss vehicles. It allows us to give our customers a better indication as to whether their vehicle is repairable or not.” James Dunn, Group Operations Manager at AW Repair Group

For more information on how to upgrade, visit If you have any questions about the new 4.0 features, contact the Audatex Service Desk team on 01189 235 666 or email [email protected].