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News>>Audaenterprisegold 4.0 feature overview – Parts and Work Composition
February 7, 2018

Audaenterprisegold 4.0 feature overview – Parts and Work Composition

The second in our series of Audaenterprisegold new feature blogs focuses on Parts and Work Composition.

The Parts Composition feature now enables users to uncouple and adjust the cost of auto-generated parts within AudaGraphics, while Work Composition identifies the corresponding labour costs based on the action the user has selected.

The Parts and Work Composition feature is quick and easy to use in just a few steps:

Prefer a video? Watch our step-by-step video guide

  • Select parts composition
    To begin, select the Parts Composition icon from within the toolbar in AudaGraphics; this will remain active until the icon is selected again. When a renew repair method has been selected, the Composition window will appear. The parts composition section will highlight any auto generated parts, the Work composition section will show any associated labour.
  • Uncoupling – Deselecting a part that is not required
    To uncouple a specific part, simply deselect the checkbox next to it. This will then allow the user to review the individual part price in the checklist.
  • Reporting
    Deselected parts will show a part price of zero, any parts still selected will generate automatically as normal. For records any deselected part numbers will still appear in user reports.

Audatex’s Parts and Work Composition tool allows bodyshops to streamline its parts management, resulting in the generation of increasingly accurate assessments that ultimately help to save you, time and money.

We are very satisfied with the deployment of Audaenterprisegold 4.0 ‘Parts/Work composition’ is a fantastic additional feature that allows us to view auto-generated parts and procedures before calculating estimates. It also has the added option to deselect items if necessary. We use this feature a lot, and it makes our lives much easier. Finally, our Audatex account manager is always on hand to explain new functionality and assist us, whenever we need help or guidance.” – 

Andy Pederick, Bodyshop Manager at Apollo Motor Company in Swindon

For more information on how to upgrade, visit If you have any questions about the new 4.0 features, contact the Audatex Service Desk team on 01189 235 666 or email [email protected].