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News>>Audaenterprisegold 4.0 new features – Repair Optimisation
January 22, 2018

Audaenterprisegold 4.0 new features – Repair Optimisation

In October 2017, we launched version 4.0 of Audaenterprisegold (AEG), the next generation of assessment and claims management that delivers right first time estimating and more intelligent decision-making support for bodyshops and VDA’s. Over the coming weeks we will be exploring each of the new 4.0 features, highlighting their key benefits and showing you how to use them in a few simple steps.

The first of the new Audaenterprisegold 4.0 features is Repair Optimisation, an intelligent decision support tool, within AudaGraphics.

Repair optimisation helps you to determine the correct and most commercially efficient method of repair.

Parameters are set by the user to define the optimum point to change a repair to a renew and vice versa.

It is quick and simple to enable this feature, taking just three steps:

Prefer a video? Watch our step-by-step training video:

  1. Select the parameters

To enable Repair Optimisation, select the ‘Hammer and Chisel’ icon from the tool bar within AudaGraphics. Select each element to be enabled and input your required optimisation parameters. Costs are based on your labour rate and the OEM part price.

  1. Repair to renew

Once parameters have been defined, the system will prompt a review of the chosen repair method (when appropriate). If the overall cost of repairing an item exceeds the replacement OEM part price, a comparison of these costs will appear, allowing the user to decide which operation they would like to proceed with.

  1. Renew to repair

Instead of using the repair to renew method above, the user can also choose the renew to repair option. The user applies a minimum OEM part price (entered in Step 1). When a part is selected for renew and the OEM part price exceeds the parameter the user will be prompted with the total work units available if the repair method was alternatively selected. Again, a side-by-side comparison to review the chosen repair method is available

This supports accurate right first time estimating and provides vital decision support for bodyshops and VDA’s, which can impact repair cycles and optimise key-to-key times, ultimately improving your customers satisfaction.

Please note this feature is only available to users who have upgraded to Audaenterprisegold 4.0.
For more information on how to upgrade, visit If you have any questions about the new 4.0 features, contact the Audatex Service Desk team on 01189 235 666 or email [email protected].