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October 24, 2017

AudaFNOL streamlining the insurance claims process

AudaFNOL Advanced solution simplifies the accident-to-settlement experience from First Notification of Loss

Trusted global technology partner and data provider to the insurance industry, Audatex, today announces the launch of AudaFNOL, its innovative, all-encompassing, next generation First Notification of Loss platform that places the customer at the very heart of the claims handling process.

Launched at Connected Claims Europe 2017, AudaFNOL empowers both the customer and the claims handlers at the insurer throughout the claims process. Customers can take control from FNOL and self-serve at various touch points throughout the claim, using AudaFNOL’s market-leading software.

At First Notification of Loss, the customer can instantly photograph damage to the vehicle through their smartphone, the images are then automatically attached to the Audatex damage assessment, insurer claim system, or they can be viewed through the Audatex image viewer. Using Audatex’s software, the policyholder or the claims handler can then mark up the area and severity of the vehicle’s damage witheither a 2D Damage Capture portal or a downloadable 3D Damage Capture app that provides a gamified representation of the exact damage to the vehicle.

At this stage, Audatex’s Repair vs. Total Loss feature will then determine whether the vehicle is repairable or a Total Loss. This is calculated using predictive analytics, based on millions of vehicle damage assessments, enabling accurate triage at FNOL.

If the vehicle is repairable, claims handlers need to ensure they are allocating the vehicle to the right repairer, at the right time for their customers. Audatex’s Repair Allocation Manager (RAM) lists availability of repairers, based on its Repairer Network Management module, cross referencing the repairer’s suitability to effectively carry out the repair and the proximity to the customer. RAM identifies the type of repair required from traditional, mobile, fast-track or advanced (electric/aluminium/ADAS) repairs.

AudaFNOL enables bodyshops to efficiently schedule its repairs and manage job allocation more effectively. Allowing the bodyshop visibility of the images before speaking to the customer enables a smoother and improved customer experience, with additional familiarity of the vehicle and customer’s needs.

It also allows insurers and accident management companies to streamline jobs and individual cases, while providing them with all available data should they need to handle any aspect of the claim, with a superior customer experience delivered as a result.

Each AudaFNOL module can be used both in isolation or with other aspects of the Audatex platform, giving customers flexibility on what feature they require. Depending on their own requirements, it can also be easily used to enhance and complement existing workflows.

David Shepherd, Managing Director at Audatex UKSA, commented, “AudaFNOL is another example of how we’re driving the insurance industry forward through enhancing operational efficiencies and controlling cost for the customer, improving their overall journey that ultimately leads to a superior customer experience. By launching AudaFNOL, we’re taking advantage of the growing importance that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is playing in the sector, helping to speed-up the overall process for both the customer and insurer.”

Audatex is currently running a series of trials with image recognition software in the automotive sector with a view to streamlining the AudaFNOL process even further.

AudaFNOL Driving operational efficiencies, cost control and a superior customer experience!