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News>>Audatex Apprenticeship One Year On: Professional Programming Playground
March 4, 2019

Audatex Apprenticeship One Year On: Professional Programming Playground

This time last year we put the spotlight on our apprentices to give an insight into a typical day for an Audatex Apprentice.

One year on how are they getting on?

Jacob Unsworth – Software Development Engineer

  1. What’s been the highlight of your past year at Audatex
    Highlight of this year has been my chance to work closer with the Agile Coaching team, as well as the team building events we’ve done as a department and as a team.
  2. Could you describe your apprenticeship in three words:
    Life Learning Environment
  3. What’s the most challenging thing about working at Audatex over the last year?
    Most challenging thing I’ve faced this year has been learning to approach Team Health and Conflict in a constructive way to get the best results out of everyone involved. Understanding that conflict on a department floor can lead to some quality bonds being created by team members.
  4. What’s skills have you been able to use and develop in your apprenticeship?
    The skills that have developed the most are my soft skills. I’ve made a concerted effort to be more considerate in the language that I use on a daily basis, and how I approach different tasks. Becoming a Side-of-Desk Agile Coach and Scrum Master has meant that every day I’ve had to think about how I approach different topics and people more carefully.
  5. We asked you last year ‘Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?’ has anything changed?
    Over the last year I’ve had the chance to take another step towards my 5 year goal, but it’s also step sideways in many ways. In working to become a better Scrum Master and Agile Coach I’m learning a lot of management principles as well as leadership practices to try and become a better leader.