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September 1, 2020




“We are experiencing around 85% response rates which is an exceptional rate of uptake and positive proof that the technology is genera ting immediate benefits for all stakeholders.”

Steer Automotive Group is one of the UK’s largest networks of vehicle repair centres with nine centres covering the whole of the Midlands and into Buckinghamshire.

With over 200 employees, Steer Automotive Group deals with over 1,600 referrals a month and repairs on average 1,300 vehicles a month. The group is renowned for offering a trusted vehicle repair service backed by first-class customer service. Steer Automotive Group prides itself on ensuring that every customer journey is a smooth and efficient experience and as such will only partner with other businesses who also strive to achieve and support this ethos.

Steer Automotive Group have been using Audatex Bodyshop Image Capture since the service was launched well over 12 months ago.

The service enables repairers to send their customers an SMS request for photographic images of their vehicle’s condition and damage to be uploaded via a smart, mobile platform, allowing bodyshop users to interact with customers, in a digital-first, contactless way.

As an early adopter of Image Capture technology, Steer Automotive Group, like many other repair centre businesses is currently using the package free of charge as Audatex has waived costs for all repairer customers until September 30th, 2020. The complimentary offer was launched on May 1st to provide valuable support to vehicle bodyshops and repairers to try to help minimise costs during the tough lockdown period.

Along with most other business sectors, this year has been the toughest year the automotive sector has ever faced. For Audatex to recognise this and throw a lifeline to many businesses by providing free access to Image Capture was a huge boost. In many ways, the product itself is tailor-made for such a challenging scenario so any product or service that can maximise safety and minimise contact must be a winner from the word go. For Steer Automotive Group using Image Capture allows our repair centres to make sure we are social distancing while gaining the necessary information required from the driver.

Although using Bodyshop Image Capture has been of great benefit to the business during lockdown, we had been using it effectively in exactly the same way before the emergence of Covid-19. It’s just that the benefits have become even more apparent over the past five months. Since signing up for Audatex Image Capture, we’ve been able to maximise efficiency through redeploying our estimators in our centres and not sending them out to see customers and assess the damage to vehicles in person. It has meant that efficiency has improved enormously as estimators can focus on the work that needs to be done in the centres which have improved the entire process massively.

When I acquired the repair group business two years ago, I was keen to make sure all the processes were running more efficiently than they had been previously and that the technology was enabling this. Image Capture technology was one on the key initial investments, and this had an immediate impact on the business with large scale customer uptakes.

Ever since then, Image Capture has provided us with the perfect digital solution to obtain swift visibility of vehicle damage which in turn means we are able to notify insurers and order parts quicker so that repairs are carried out more efficiently than ever before.

The whole cycle has been fully enhanced thanks to the technology and the seamless way that it integrates into our processing systems. No more manual inputting of imagery or damage detailing it all happens automatically on receipt of the images, speeding up the repair procedure and providing an impressive digital service to our customers with minimal contact and interaction. A feature that is currently more important than anyone could ever have predicted.

Crucially, the software is also straightforward and intuitive to use and fully complements the advances in phone camera technology, making the whole process smooth for all types of customers. Older customers who could previously be less inclined to use or understand the technology have embraced it and have found it hassle-free. For us, the user-friendliness of the technology is a vital component as if it was complicated and confusing then customers simply wouldn’t use it. This isn’t happening, and we are experiencing around an 85% response rate which is an exceptional uptake and positive proof that the technology is generating immediate benefits for all stakeholders. On average, we receive around nine or 10 images back from each customer for each claim.

Our team of estimators can easily demonstrate to customers how to get the best from the technology if required, and for our team members in the repair centres, the way the software fully integrates with our existing systems is a breeze. On the return of images, the bodyshop can instantly access the photos provided via Audaenterprisegold enabling triage to begin immediately with increased accuracy.

Without doubt, using Audatex Image Capture can reduce the key to key time and the entire cycle time of the repair job. It’s had such a positive impact on our business, improving all-round efficiency while at the same time reducing costs for all parties and enhancing the all-important customer journey from the outset.


For more information or to sign up to Bodyshop Image Capture visit: tions/bodyshop-image-capture tions/bodyshop-image-capture
Current free of charge period is still available until September 30th 2020. Sign up today with no obligation.