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News>>Audatex introduces cap hpi valuations as part of AEG 4.1
June 27, 2018

Audatex introduces cap hpi valuations as part of AEG 4.1

Audatex is pleased to announce that cap hpi valuations for both Car and Light Commercial vehicles are now an automated key feature for repairer users of Audaenterprisegold 4.1 with no per click charge from July 1st 2018.

cap hpi provides highly accurate, real-time data on 125,971 vehicles, effectively 97% of the UK car parc, the data is continually updated as new information becomes available. cap hpi valuations are trusted by the industry for their precision, validity and credibility, with the cost of the service now included in the software and solutions fee.

The retail transacted valuation provided by cap hpi delivers the most accurate reflection of market values, presenting you with a final sale price that can be used as a balance against repair costs, enabling a speedy and informed ‘write-off versus repair’ decision. Saving you valuable time and repair costs.

AudaGraphics will display a traffic light warning system when the repair cost is approaching the vehicle’s pre- accident value and possible total loss threshold. Green will display when this is at 59% or less, yellow when between 60%-84%, and red when over 85% of the vehicle’s value. In addition, AEG 4.1 now allows AudaProfile users to set a bespoke total loss threshold for specific work providers, delivering a quicker and even more accurate decision for the assessment.

cap hpi valuations are now included, for repairers, as a key feature available on all assessments created within Audaenterprisegold (AEG), with no per click fee.

If you would like further information or support upgrading to AEG 4.1, please contact the Service Desk Team on [email protected] or call 01189 235666.