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News>>Audatex joins the ABP Club Women’s Automotive meeting at Euro Car Parts Tamworth
November 2, 2017

Audatex joins the ABP Club Women’s Automotive meeting at Euro Car Parts Tamworth

Last week Euro Car Parts kindly hosted the regular ABP Women in Automotive Meeting. We attended the insightful day which was packed with great speakers and a tour of the centre.

The event was attended by key women from across the industry, including bodyshops and repairers. It was kicked off by Richard Steer, LKQ Coatings. Richard discussed the step change which is occurring in the insurance industry and the importance of recycling car parts, which is a key ongoing focus for LKQ Coatings.

Richard also discussed the market developments he is anticipating in the future which include a consolidation in refinish distribution due to more mergers and acquisitions and rising repair costs.

Dave Hunt followed and highlighted the importance of GDPR and what the industry needs to be aware of. As many of us know the new law will come into effect in May next year and businesses of all sizes need to ensure that they are compliant by that date. Audatex users will be automatically compliant in their data use through the system, and we are committed to achieving this effectively ahead of the effective date.

Dave also discussed the importance of the regulatory changes and the rights individuals will have following the changes.

Next, we put on our high-vis jackets for a tour of the very impressive and highly automated warehouse. The Euro Car Parts centre facilitates more deliveries everyday than Amazon and is the size of 478 Olympic swimming pools or eight Wembley stadiums!

After a great lunch, the day was brought to a close with a session from Auto Raise’s, Indra Nauth. Indra discussed the rising skills shortage and how apprentices are going to play a crucial part in solving this crisis.

Light was also shed on the current state of diversity in the sector, at the moment only 1% of technicians are female despite the fact that women drivers will soon outnumber men.

It was great to gather members of the automotive industry together to discuss the future of the industry, thank you to ABP for organising and to Euro Car Parts for hosting a great day.

We are looking forward to the next meeting.