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News>>Audatex Launches AudaENOL Intelligent Motor Claims Management Platform
September 18, 2018

Audatex Launches AudaENOL Intelligent Motor Claims Management Platform

AudaENOL combines A.I powered technology with detailed vehicle and repairer data to provide a seamless digital customer experience.

Audatex, has today announced the launch of its end-to-end digital motor claims management solution, AudaENOL. The innovative solution delivers full control and visibility for policyholders at every stage of the claims journey.

AudaENOL enables policyholders to initiate and drive the claims process, shortening and streamlining the cycle for Claimants, insurers, repairers, and accident management companies, from First Notification of Loss to settlement. Available on desktop, tablet and mobile devices, and through SMS and email, AudaENOL empowers the policyholder to take control of the claims process, embracing choice and convenience.

Research also launched today from Audatex reveals that over half of UK motor insurance policyholders feel the claims process is lengthy and out of their control. Audatex’s Consumer Empowerment in Insurance research conducted by Censuswide found that 30% of policyholders feel it takes too long and 25% do not feel in control of the claims process.

“AudaENOL is responding to the clear need from policyholders to experience a fully digitised motor insurance claim process, similar to how they complete other day-to-day tasks using the latest technology. Visibility, control, veracity, simplicity, immediacy – these are now all essential requirements for today’s consumer experiences and motor insurance is no exception,” said David Shepherd, Regional Managing Director for Audatex UK and Africa.

AudaENOL combines accident and vehicle damage information, vehicle data, and the suitability of individual repairers. Allowing for policyholders to process a claim at any time and in any place. Information stored electronically and fully compliantly enables claims handlers to de-prioritise less complex cases, which can be managed by the policyholder. The process is made simple through AudaENOL’s intuitive and easy-to-use damage and image capture tool, which records accurate accident damage evidence to power the automated decision making processes that follow.

A quicker claims settlement is also enabled through AudaENOL’s integration with the wider Audatex and Solera product portfolio. Connecting with VIN+ and cap hpi, to automatically pre-populate a claim be it repairable or total loss, with details such as vehicle specifications, market leading pre-accident valuation, MOT and Vehicle Excise Duty status. This informs the policyholder and insurers on repairer requirements, increasing claims transparency, and decreasing key-to-key times. This data can also be fed into Audatex’s Intelligent Repair Scheme data engine, ensuring ‘right-first-time’ repairs are automatically selected based on pre-defined criteria.

“Insurers can no longer approach each stage of a motor claim as a standalone event; they must now provide a single digital claims journey which fits seamlessly into the busy, ‘always on’ lifestyle of the modern consumer. Improving the experience of UK policyholders should be a main focus for insurers. And with a third (33%) of respondents unsure of how to make a claim and nearly half (46%) blaming a bad claims experience on poor customer service, the need for a more consumer-friendly claims approach is now imminent. AudaENOL allows insurers to put the customer back in the driving seat when making a claim and at the same time ensures they hold a competitive edge in a industry which is being continuously revolutionised by digital transformation,” added Shepherd.

Click here more information on how AudaENOL can power the digital claims journey for the future. Find further insights from Audatex’s Consumer Empowerment in Insurance research, which profiled over 3,000 UK motor insurance policyholders, here.