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September 15, 2020



VHC2 by Solera Audatex helps repairers with the triage, damage assessment and preparation elements of the new Thatcham Research Insurance Industry Requirements (IIR) that come into effect in March 2021.

The Thatcham Research IIR has been developed to ensure the safe repair of vehicles equipped with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). The move comes as the number of ADAS-enabled vehicles on UK roads reaches 4.5 million, a figure that will continue to grow as driver assistance technology advances.

The requirements call for repairers to use a diagnostic tool to identify the presence, or not, of ADAS technology on the vehicle and ensure this is recorded and then complete all relevant inspection, realignment and calibration activities as detailed within the repair procedures. As well as completing a post-repair scan to confirm the vehicle will be returned to the road in pre-accident condition.

The Audatex VHC2 diagnostic unit is a Wi-Fi enabled tablet that connects to vehicles via a Bluetooth VCI (Vehicle Communications Interface). With coverage across more than 60 vehicle makes throughout Europe and additional ADAS calibration available via RED Diagnostics.

VHC2 allows the repairer to complete the Thatcham IIR checks in-house, starting with a VIN registration look-up. The pre and post-repair diagnostic reports can be easily shared directly from the tablet with existing Audatex assessments, to provide the required IIR evidence that safety checks have taken place. The existing integration will save significant time, ensuring the required evidence can easily be attached to the insurance assessment. The whole process creates a new revenue opportunity for the repairer while meeting the new regulations.

The regulations set out the requirements for the inspection, realignment and calibration of ADAS technology in all repair situations when specified operations must be completed post repair to confirm that the sensors are functioning within the vehicle manufacturer’s technical specification.

A repair plan is required that must include a pre-repair diagnostic scan and visual inspection to identify ADAS functionality. Details of the repairer, work undertaken, tools used, and proof of competence of the operator should also be recorded. Audatex VHC2 provides a simple solution to meet these requirements. Audatex has also found most insurance partners, along with the introduction of the new IIR standards, are now accepting diagnostic scans and reset charges within the Audatex assessment, recognising the importance these have in ensuring safe repairs. VHC2 is available via a lease option with all software and data updates included as standard. A single site only needs to complete five pre and post-repair diagnostic scans a month to recuperate operational costs quickly.

Commenting on the move Stewart Myles, Head of Crash Repair and Business Development at Audatex, said: “We welcome the introduction of IIR and are supporting customers across the UK and Ireland as they prepare for the introduction of the new standards in March 2021. The VHC2 Diagnostic tablet combines the latest technology and unrivalled data to make the process straightforward and efficient. By keeping diagnostic scans in-house, it will help reduce delays to key-to-key times.”

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