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News>>Blog: Digidentity Helps London Residents Safeguard Against Identity Theft During Self-Assessment
January 30, 2019

Blog: Digidentity Helps London Residents Safeguard Against Identity Theft During Self-Assessment

We are pleased to share the news that Digidentity B.V., a Solera Holdings, Inc. company, and an international provider of next-generation technologies that verify, secure and authenticate online identities, will be running ads throughout London to help residents create digital identities safely and securely.

Digidentity will be one of the five providers of digital identities certified by the UK government to help British citizens complete Self-Assessment.

The Self-Assessment period is a fresh opportunity for hackers to steal personal information by posing as legitimate entities. With identity theft on the rise and data privacy being top of mind for many, the government chose to enact further steps to secure personal information when individuals file their tax return. All UK citizens are encouraged to register through GOV.UK Verify to easily create a digital identity that prevents fraudulent parties from viewing or changing personal tax information.

“Protecting your identity is paramount in our technology-driven world,” said Marcel Wendt, CTO and Founder of Digidentity. “I would go so far as to say it’s the most important thing you can do for yourself and your family. With access to your information, any pernicious party can dissolve your credit and personal accounts, which can take years to build up again. We take this appointment from the government very seriously and consider it our greatest priority.”

Any British citizen can sign up for Self-Assessment with Digidentity at GOV.UK, where they’ll find simple instructions and step-by-step videos to help them choose a digital identification company to enroll with and complete their online tax return.

The London ads will be running on screens in Canary Wharf and Leicester Square January 30th and 31st.