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Manage fleet and driving performance with the only complete fleet intelligence and safety platform

Fleets today need information that is accurate, accessible, and actionable. Without it, blind spots in your operations can be risky. Our fleet intelligence and safety platform bring together data from drivers, vehicles, and customers delivering actionable insights.


Whether it’s over the road or the last mile, boost business performance, improve driver safety, and mitigate risk by giving back-office teams and customers real-time visibility with end-to-end fleet intelligence. This powerful combination of workflow, safety, and compliance solutions guides prioritization of the right things, every time – not only today but also tomorrow.


assets tracked daily


routes created weekly


miles tracked annually


driver behaviors monitored


daily positions

Find a platform that provides reliable fleet management to optimize driving performance

Safety and risk mitigation

Unsafe driving and nuclear verdicts can tarnish your brand and damage your bottom line. Avoid the courtroom with video-based safety solutions that exonerate drivers and encourage safe driving practices across your fleet through score cards, safety coaching, real-time alerts, and e-learning.

Routing and dispatching

Plan, execute, and iterate route strategies with AI-enabled solutions that increase efficiency for on-time deliveries and improved customer satisfaction.

Driver experience and workflow

Attract and retain professional drivers by equipping them with relevant data that focuses on assuring safety and meeting business objectives.

Compliance and ELD

Non-compliance can put the brakes on your entire fleet. Adhere to federal, state, and local regulatory and license regulations, supported by compliance applications and Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) to ensure fleet productivity.

Asset tracking and monitoring

Business equipment, vehicles, and trailers are valuable assets. Asset managers can proactively monitor the real-time location, health, and performance of assets to manage risk and make informed business decisions.

TMS and load board

Utilize back-office systems that help you find loads through a network of carriers and brokers; plan and execute compliant trips with telematics; and automate billing, customer notifications, and other back-office processes.