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News>>Keep your team members and customers safe using Bodyshop Image Capture – Join our free webinar
October 6, 2020

Keep your team members and customers safe using Bodyshop Image Capture – Join our free webinar

Join Audatex on October 15th at 10am to find out how Bodyshop Image Capture is helping repairers remain operational while social distancing measures are once again tightened.

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Since the start of lockdown Audatex has seen a huge uptake in the number of policy holders responding to Bodyshop Image Capture requests for pictures of their damaged vehicle.

Our repairer customers – who have benefitted from five months’ free-of-charge use of the system – are seeing response rates of 85% and above, with policy holders sending on average 9-10 high quality images of their vehicle and its damage back to the bodyshop.

Giving valuable early visibility of the vehicle’s condition and nature of damage before it arrives on site, Bodyshop Image Capture allows estimators to efficiently collect damage information from customers, while maintaining social distancing.

With social restrictions once again tightening, being able to operate in a socially distant and responsible way to your staff and customers is more important than ever. Two leading UK vehicle manufacturers have recently offered support to their networks to achieve this by extending the free of charge period for Bodyshop Image Capture use by for their repair networks until the end of 2020.

On the 15th of October, the Audatex Account Management team are hosting a free 30-minute webinar to demonstrate how to make best use of the solution alongside a full user demonstration.Customers already using Image Capture are already seeing some fantastic results:

  • 85%+ response rate from policy holders submitting images
  • Receiving 9-10 high quality images on average per customer
  • Improved efficiency via a reduction in the number of times estimators are sent off site to assess vehicle damage
  • Reduced cycle times and less administration as images are synced directly with Audatex assessments

Chris Wright, managing director at Solera Audatex UK & Ireland, said: “Bodyshop Image Capture has proved to be a game-changer for many repairers, increasing the amount of work they can accommodate and reducing admin time. This has especially been the case during the lockdown period and it is continuing to do so, as social distancing is having a critical impact on service-based businesses. At a time when businesses continue to face enormous pressure, every minute counts. We are once again running our free training session and including an interview with a leading bodyshop group to show our customers how Bodyshop Image Capture could provide vital support to your business, by providing valuable time savings and keeping your team members and customers safe.”

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