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News>>Our Very Own Tony Aquila is at Twitter HQ for Data Privacy Day – Live Q&A
January 25, 2017

Our Very Own Tony Aquila is at Twitter HQ for Data Privacy Day – Live Q&A

In anticipation of 2017’s Data Privacy Day on the 28th January, Audatex’s parent company, Solera, has signed up to be one of the leading sponsors of this year’s official event. This event will be taking place tomorrow (26th) at the Twitter headquarters in San Francisco, California.

Tony Aquila – founder, chairman and CEO of Solera – will be participating in a live Q&A tomorrow evening at 7:40pm until 8:00pm UK time. This topical Q&A will be on the topic of digital identity and automotive insights under the heading: ‘Managing and Securing Your Digital Identity in a World of Connected Cars’.

To live stream the discussion, you can sign up to follow it here. We will be using the hashtag #PrivacyAware to spread the word and would encourage you to interact via Twitter if you’d like to share any questions or thoughts.

With IoT picking up pace amongst businesses and consumers, and connected cars becoming the norm, we are moving ever more towards a fully connected life. However, as you will no doubt be aware, anything that is connected to the internet can be hacked and your privacy can be compromised. Data Privacy Day is an international effort to increase awareness of the importance of privacy and protecting your personal information – it offers a chance for movers and shakers to come together and discuss key threats and challenges, and delivers plenty of helpful tips and advice for everyone to increase their privacy know-how. At the end of the day, it hopes to create a #PrivacyAware culture.

For more information on Data Privacy Day, you can visit the Stay Safe Online website.