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News>>Right first time estimating – Vizion Network & Solera Audatex
October 24, 2022

Right first time estimating – Vizion Network & Solera Audatex

Staff training is essential for any business and no more so than in the motor repair and claims industry, where its cost can be justified in better productivity returns. Vizion Network and Audatex are working together to promote the importance of VDA training to their repairer network, to ensure the consistency, accuracy and safety of each and every repair.

“Dedicated training and development fosters employee engagement and a more efficient, competitive and engaged workforce. Training also helps companies gain and retain top talent, increase job satisfaction and morale, improve productivity and be more profitable. I know everyone is busy, but training is critical to each business and Vizion are keen to encourage our network to use their Audatex training credits and make the most of the training available to them, to increase assessment accuracy, every time.” Chris McKie, Managing Director, Vizion Network.

Every license based Audatex Bodyshop customer receives £22.50 of training credits every month, for each Bodyshop site. These training credits accumulate month on month and can be redeemed in full or in part against any training course available from Audatex.

“Audatex offers a range of systems-based training courses that help users make the most of our industry leading estimating system. Using hands on skills-based programmes to teach best practice in repair assessment. Our experienced trainers will provide tips and tricks to make the most of AudaEnterpriseGold, following Thatcham methods and repair tips for accurate, safe, right first time repairs” Says, Neil Garrett, Sales Director, Solera Audatex.

To find out how many training credits your bodyshop site has available contact the Audatex team :[email protected]. You can redeem your credits against any of Audatex Training courses available via the Audatex website: