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News>>Solera Audatex and AutoFlow strengthen long-term collaboration to further improve repair estimating efficiency
September 12, 2022

Solera Audatex and AutoFlow strengthen long-term collaboration to further improve repair estimating efficiency

Seamless integration powered by automated two-way data flow

To better support customers and reduce redundancies in the claims and repair process, Audatex and AutoFlow are cooperating to develop a two-way data feed that further enhances integration.

The data exchange between AutoFlow and Solera’s UK estimating platforms, AudaEnterpriseGold and Qapter Intelligent Estimating, helps ensure users will always have the latest, accurate view of repair status in all systems, significantly reducing effort for Vehicle Damage Assessor parts and accounting teams.

The flow of repair data and assessment information is critical to ensure a smooth claims and repair process for all parties involved, especially between an estimating system and the body shop management solution.Examples of information exchanged in the two-way data feed from AutoFlow include:

  • Changes to part numbers
  • Pricing differences
  • Non-estimated, safety-critical associated parts, such as single-use bolts
  • Images of vehicle damage

This exciting integration with Qapter Intelligent Estimating works with any Solera estimating platform (cloud or client-based), providing full capability and unified integration.

“The future of claims and estimating is about bringing the latest AI technologies and automation into the workflow. It is critical our customers wherever possible have a touch-less, digital experience,” commented Neil Garrett, Sales Director, Solera Audatex. “We are constantly looking for new ways to work with our partners to streamline the process for all customers. By providing this two-way data feed across our estimating platforms, we can deliver just that, time savings and efficiency.”

Chris Mckie, Group Managing Director, AutoFlow added “At AutoFlow the focus has always been to ensure the delivery of the best solutions for customers, dedicated to maximising the efficiencies of each repairer’s workflow. These solutions like any other, have always had limitations due to the limits of compatibility. Removing the need to revisit estimates and parts screens, repeatedly to replicate effort is a pivotal change. By working with Solera to reimagine and enhance the data flow and ensure critical AutoFlow updates reflected in the repair assessment and vice versa, we reduce the need for multiple keying. Ensuring accuracy and consistency across a repairer’s business-critical functions, for all work they undertake. This represents a huge investment in resources for both parties, delivering another industry first, with functionality that the industry not only deserves but desperately needs.”