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Increase the volume of your business while improving pet care for owners.

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Owners care for their pets and want the best possible treatment at their time of need. When it comes to pet insurance, claims handling must be administered with care, consideration and compassion.

VOX operates in collaboration with PAWS, our automated workflow system for managing pet claims and payments. VOX streamlines interaction between all parties involved in the pet claim process, such as Vets, owners and insurance companies.

Benefits at a glance

  • Web-based system.
  • Works collaboratively with PAWS.
  • Supported and streamlined interaction between vets, owners and insurers.
  • Delivers policy information online.
  • Enables claims management online.
  • Enables pre-authorisation of treatment.
  • Supports electronic invoices.

Policy Information

Operatives can view insurance cover details, policy status and relevant limits. They can also check the pet’s claim history, including each illness and injury declared, alongside remaining benefit available for reported conditions.

Claims management

This element enables treatment to be pre-authorised, based on policy status, illness or injury. Claims can be viewed by status: ‘pre-authorised’, ‘validated’, ‘submitted’ and ‘paid’. New claims can be created and put forward to the insurance company online and full authorisation can be provided through the system once complete treatment details are provided.

Invoice management

VOX automatically creates electronic invoices for claims and enables them to be submitted for payment directly. The system also allows Insurers to settle claims with electronic payments (such as BACS).

VOX features

Reduced costs

Streamlining of pet claim interactions minimises the resources required in administering claims, thus reducing costs. An online system simplifies and speeds up the process plus saves postage costs.

Increased volume of business

The ability to deal with claims quickly and efficiently also means a greater volume of them can be managed concurrently without the need for increased resources.

Improved pet care

A speedier process means pets will get the care and treatment they need faster.


Policy and coverage information is coming direct from the insurer.

Greater reassurance

The system offers functionality to validate claims once submitted.

Accuracy and detail

VOX includes a breakdown of costs on the invoice and details of who pays what.


Electronic payments (BACS) are faster and less costly.

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