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News>>The Future of Digital Motor Claims – Managing Motor Insurance Claims in the Digital Era
October 16, 2018

The Future of Digital Motor Claims – Managing Motor Insurance Claims in the Digital Era

Following our launch of another module of our end-to-end digital motor claims management solution, AudaENOL last month, we also launched three Insight Papers via the Audatex Digital Claims Centre, each of which are focused on digital claims in the motor insurance industry.

The third and final Insight Paper; ‘Managing Motor Insurance Claims in the Digital Era’ focuses on innovation in insurance and what insurers need to do, to offer increased clarity throughout the motor claims journey, ensure they are well poised to adapt to inevitable new insurance business models, and solidify their position in an increasingly complex ecosystem.

Modern insurers now face mounting pressures to digitise the entire claims process, to reduce the complexity of claims, whilst maintaining efficiency and improving the customer experience. Our recent survey of over 3,000 UK motor insurance policyholders found that over 41% have lost complete trust in their insurer due to a lack of clarity during a claim; a disastrous statistic for policyholder attraction and retention.

Due to the industry’s slow adoption of technology, creating a quick and clear claims process has been a challenge for insurers – one that has affected customer experiences to date. Our research found that a quarter (25%) felt that they are not in control of the claims process and feel that it is up to insurers to help them navigate their journey effectively.

The Insight Paper uncovers how today, those who find new ways to put the consumer at the heart of every claim, and make the journey from initiation to final settlement as simple and transparent as possible, are the best positioned to succeed within the digital insurance landscape.

Read the full Insight Paper Managing Motor Insurance Claims in the Digital Era: here