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News>>The New Rules of the Road: 3rd ebook focusing on Technology & Skills
June 27, 2018

The New Rules of the Road: 3rd ebook focusing on Technology & Skills

Following the launch of our new bodyshop management solution PlanManager, we will be uncovering how technology is transforming the vehicle repair industry with a series of eBooks. The four eBooks will unearth the results and findings of our independent research, conducted with over 200 independent and franchised UK bodyshops.

You can read our second eBook on Technology and Strategy here. Our third eBook focuses on Technology and Skills.

The vehicle repair industry has historically been driven by a hands-on, manual approach. However, with new technologies and the software required to bring vehicles back to manufacturer standard continuously developing, decision makers and end users have been forced to embrace new ways of working.

With bodyshops moving towards greater adoption of operational and strategic technology, ensuring staff have the right skills to minimise risks becomes a necessity. With this, bodyshops are able to utilise new technologies like never before to continue to build existing employee’s skill sets, and position the sector as an exciting place to work and develop key skills for new talent.

This eBook looks at how new technology has affected the calibre of knowledge needed in the UK vehicle repair industry. It will also look at the current training programmes available to staff members to ensure a seamless working environment is achieved, and the types of workplace incentives on offer to attract the right talent.

Visit our New Rules of the Road website to read the full eBook.