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News>>The Value of ‘Right First Time’: Advice for Bodyshops
January 9, 2017

The Value of ‘Right First Time’: Advice for Bodyshops

Ensuring right first time estimates can be a challenge and even a single mistake at the assessment stage can have costly consequences. This is because the estimate process is dependent upon the right information being available to the repairer up front, which is not always the case. For bodyshops, key to key times can be greatly improved if the estimate is as accurate as possible from the start, which has a positive impact on how fast the owner of the vehicle can get back on the road.

Another impact of not getting things right first time is having to re-send assessments with items that may have been missed off. With vehicle technology changing at such a fast pace, it’s very difficult for bodyshops to keep pace and identify crucial part variations within the estimate. Ensuring the correct repair items have been selected as part of the initial process is vital, but that can only be achieved with access to the right data about the vehicle model. Reducing the margin for error and omission at the point of estimate creation helps ensure the repair and the approval process runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

At Audatex, we believe that right first time comes down to getting the model right in the first place. If you have the correct model of vehicle selected, then that will positively impact the accuracy of everything else downstream. Not only does it improve the estimating accuracy, it reduces errors in total loss assessment accuracy and offers significant time savings when inspecting damaged vehicles. It also means fewer parts returns, shorter average cycle times and greater customer satisfaction.
We offer a lookup service for registrations, which helps pinpoint the right VIN number from the outset. AudaVIN+ can make assessments more accurate and reduce repair cycle times, and repairers can instantly identify factory fitted options of the leading manufacturers. We firmly believe that if you get the model right first time, it will ensure straight-through processing with no friction or detours in terms of the administrative processes, and you can reduce the key to key time for the customer.