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Secure and seamless integration for insurance claims management

Audabridge is a hosted service that allows estimating solutions to communicate seamlessly by integrating back office and third party systems and applications with our centralised data repository.

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For the claims and estimating processes to run smoothly, fast, accurate and integrated communication is vital. Audabridge helps deliver efficiency, business continuity and the highest standards of customer service. It provides reliable data interchange between all parties involved in the claims process.


Greater efficiency, accuracy and continuity in insurance claims management

Designed with data integrity at its core, Audabridge employs industry-standard formats and protocols, such as XML and Web Services to ensure secure business-to-business data exchange.

Benefits at a glance

  • Delivers total efficiency through streamlined and seamless integration.
  • Simplifies the claims process.
  • Eliminates error and time-consuming manual inputting of data (and other manual communication processes) by enabling outbound instructions to pre-populate assessments.
  • Improved productivity and accurate data capture feeds for in-house systems thanks to the automated collection of assessments.
  • Greater control over the data exported to back office systems.
  • Assessments can be conditionally exported, on receiving an update, for example, when costs are revised or when authorisation status changes.
  • Greater versatility – Audabridge supports the export of selected web links, claims tracking information, repair data and productivity analyses.
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AudaBridge features

Industry-standard data formats and XML-based business data available.

Inbound assessments and image data available for collection.

Message types include outbound instructions, interim advice and administration alerts.

Future-proofed design – Audabridge will evolve with your requirements.

Supports the export of administration data from Audaenterprisegold, such as totals and subtotals, parts, paint and labour breakdowns.

A rules-based system that enables users to pre-define criteria.

Updates provided in near real-time via secure, centralised data exchange.

Third party systems can automatically send electronic instructions throughout the claims process.

Web service and IBM WebShere MQ interfaces included.

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