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  • An encrypted API-based platform enabling fast, secure and GDPR compliant integration.

    • Tech agnostic
    • Fast two-way feeds
    • GDPR compliant
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  • Your key to greater efficiency and customer satisfaction in automotive estimation and accident repair.

    • Right first time estimating
    • Info at the point of need
    • Improved cost calculation
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  • Access accurate technical data covering 99% of vehicles on the road today.

    • 600,000 technical procedures
    • 90,000 wiring diagrams
    • 2,000,000 lines of tech data & specs
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  • Get daily updates on your assessment data captured via Audaenterprisegold with AudaIntel.

    • Measure KPIs
    • Make better decisions
    • Better manage inventory
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  • Ensure the correct rates and repair items are selected when creating estimates.

    • Centralised control
    • Reduced admin
    • Improved consistency & accuracy
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  • Identify factory fitted options and safety features for 32 leading manufacturers, speeding up your model selection process.

    • Complete vehicle information
    • More accurate estimates
    • Reduce repair cycles
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  • Smart images submitted directly to your Audatex Assessments from your customers smart phone.

    • Improve Customer Satisfaction
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  • PlanManager is an innovation in bodyshop management, for greater efficiency and workflow streamlining.

    • Safe & Secure
    • Connected suppliers
    • Paperless
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  • Comprehensive, automotive diagnosis and analysis for the accident and vehicle repair industry.

    • Integrate with AEG
    • Online support and advice
    • Electronic brake reset
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Insurers and Engineers

  • Audit damage assessments accurately and automatically to ensure compliance.

    • Proactive auditing of assessments
    • Efficiency gains
    • Speeds up the approvals process
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  • Integrate back office and third party systems and applications with our centralised data repository.

    • Total efficiency
    • Greater control
    • Eliminate errors
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  • CHOX is a web platform for exchanging services between CHOs (Credit Hire Organisations) and insurers.

    • Effective claim dispute management
    • Eliminate late payment & legal fees
    • Industry standard fraud checks
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  • Audainvoice is used by both Insurers and Repairers to manage the processing and payment of invoices.

    • Improve cashflow
    • Greater efficiency
    • Paperless
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  • AudaQuantex is driving efficiency, accuracy and visibility through the claims process.

    • Match claims and liability
    • Shorten claim lifecycle
    • Increase customer satisfaction
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  • Audatarget leverages the power of data to predict next best actions in the motor claims workflow.

    • Ad-hoc reporting
    • Repairer and Assessor dashboards
    • Bespoke reports
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  • Seamless Claims Settlement with MVM. Part of the AudaTarget solutions suite.

    • Mileage Adjusted Valuation
    • Integrated HPI Check
    • PDF Report Export
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  • Enhance the repair authorisation process, offer estimate decision support, combat fraud & safer repairs.

    • Speed up authorisation process
    • Improve workflow & productivity
    • Ensure safe repair
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Pet Claim Management

  • Audatex’s Pet Automated Workflow System, pet insurance claim processing the smart way.

    • Speedier claims
    • Happy Customers
    • Cared for Pets
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  • AudaVox allows you to increase the volume of your business while improving pet care for owners.

    • Deliver policy info online
    • Manage claims online
    • Pre-authorise treatments
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Rental, Fleet & Leasing

  • Damage Matrix accurately assess the repair, paint and/ or replace cost of light vehicle damage.

    • Credible & Consistent Data
    • Improve Efficiency
    • Reduce Risk
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